Due to Covid situation our office is open at flexible hours.
Please call us on 042881624, half an hour before your arrival and we will meet you at the hostel.
For reservation which has been fully paid prior to arrival we can provide self check in option.

We require a full payment during reservation process. Please ensure you read your confirmation email with your check in passwords before arrival.

For your safety and support, our Night Manager will assist you after 7pm if required. For any additional support our office hours are flexible. Call us on 0428881614 and we will assist you.

For any immediate bookings contact us direct on  +61 428881624

 We are a family-run business and pride ourselves on offering an enjoyable and comfortable stay for all our guests. Whether you’re staying with us whilst working, travelling, on holiday or just stopping by, we offer a friendly and welcoming vibe and a ‘home from home’ experience. To help us ensure that all our guests – including you – enjoy their time here, we ask you to respect the following guidelines.

Let’s start with the basics…

  • Rent is due in advance – so have your dollar ready to secure your booking
  • Treat all staff & guests respectfully – no one likes a douche-bag, so just be nice, okay?!
  • Our kitchen closes at 10pm – so get your food and midnight snacks prepped and cooked before
  • Clean up your dishes & surfaces after cooking – we don’t want the hungry feeling to kick in for the other guests because you haven’t done your dishes! ($25 may apply if staff have to clean up your mess)
  • Label your food with your name & date of check out – we like our fridges to be smelling sweet not sour, and so we do regular fridge clean outs.

Then there’s a few no gos…

  • Don’t smoke inside the building (we’re a home, not a chimney and it is safety hazard)
  • Don't take any drugs on the property (that includes balloons)
  • Don’t drink alcohol after 10pm on the property (there’s plenty of bars nearby)
  • Don’t use or go in the backyard after 10pm (our neighbours don’t like it…)
  • Don’t be loud or party after 10pm (some people have to be up in the mornings)
  • No visitors after 10pm, and don’t let them in your room at any time (maybe go to their place)

Ps: The serious side note… any behaviour which does not align with these guidelines is subject to the owner/manager’s discretion and you will be asked to leave ( so please don’t be THAT GUEST okay! Simples!

But the great news is…

  • We have high speed free WiFi
  • Entertainment room showing all sports channels around the world including live brodcasts and latest selection of movies for free
  • There’s a huge backyard with tables, chairs and free BBQ for you to enjoy…and yoga mats if you’re feeling the need to zen – again, just keep the area clean ($25 may apply if not)

We love to have a good time too…and we look forward to sharing a beverage (or two…) with you at some point if you can keep to the above, with respect to other guests.
So now that’s done with… enjoy your stay and let us know if there’s anything you need to make your stay more comfortable 


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Pod Bed Coogee Beachside
178 Coogee Bay Rd
Coogee, NSW, 2034
Mob: +61 428881624


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